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Shop With a Biker Christmas Program

In 2019, Journey Biker Church launched a new Christmas program called ‘Shop with a Biker’. We raise funds for this program through our benefit rides, partnerships from local business and other events. In the first five years of the program, we have been able to help 133 children and their families have Christmas.   Our goal for 2024 is to provide Christmas for an additional 50+  children and their families in our local community.

We work with the local schools and Veteran’s Service Association to identify families in Maury County who need help for Christmas.  In our 5 years since launching,  we have been able to provide not only toys and gifts for the children to brighten their Christmas morning, but needed clothes, shoes, diapers, food, and even a gift for the hard working parents to let them know they are an important part of our mission as well.  

How It Works:  Our program raises money all year long  with events like Shop With A Biker Benefit Rides and our Saturday Morning Grill during riding season in partnership with Harley Davidson of Columbia, as well as hosting other special events.  We also rely on donations from our local businesses.  In the fall, we meet with local school principals and counselors, as well as Veteran’s Services to help us locate families and veterans who are truly in need.  Then we meet the parents at Walmart in December and help them shop for their children.
What Makes Us Different:  For parents, a large part of Christmas is about the joy of shopping and picking out the gifts and goodies for their children. What makes our program different, is that JBC’s program focuses on the parents and allows them to shop for their own children instead of us gathering lists and dropping off donated items. We personalize it to each family’s need.  As we shop for the children, we get to know these parents as well, and let them know that our community cares about them.  Finally, we take the parents out to lunch after the shopping trip,  and top it off with Bibles for their family; gift wrap, and tape to make their gifts complete; and a Kroger’s gift card  for Christmas Dinner!  It is truly a great experience for families AND volunteers and the end results are happy kids and grateful parents on Christmas Day as we celebrate Jesus’ Birth.

NEW for 2024 is our Christmas Dinner for Single Veteran’s Event :  This year we are launching our next phase to the program which focuses on our single veterans in need.  The event’s purpose is to spread Christmas to those who gave so much for our country.   The evening will include Christmas Dinner and entertainment.  Each veteran will  also be  gifted a backpack filled with necessities.  We are excited to be adding this program to honor our local single veterans!  

How You Can Help:  We need your help to continue our program for 2024!    We work with many businesses here in Columbia and other surrounding communities to help make Shop With A Biker possible each year.  

Here are ways to help:  Provide Items for our Silent Auctions and Raffles that are a part of our Benefit Rides throughout the year.  Items such as provided  goods and services (cleaning service, hotel stay, dinner out certificate,  car wash, hair styling, , gift cards, gift baskets, merchandise, free movies, concert tickets, art, handmade crafts, etc.) are always appreciated. Your business will be acknowledged publicly for your generous donations to our community and through social media.

We are a 501C organization and you can receive a tax deductible receipt for your generous financial donation. Make a Financial Donation where 100% of your gift will be used for this program.  

Make your tax deductible check payable to:   SHOP WITH A BIKER and mail your check to the P.O. Box below.

You can also give by going to our website. If you would like to help or have questions, , please contact us:
Call: 931-334-4119
Our Mailing address is: Journey Biker Church,  P O Box 23, Spring Hill, TN  3717.  

Our 501C  I.D. # can be provided at your request.  For more information, visit our FaceBook page “Journey Biker Church”, or visit our website at  


Pastor Jim and Tammy O’Brien, Journey Biker Church

Journey Biker Church “Shop With A Biker” Stories
We wanted to share some success stories about our program and its effect on our community and these special families:

“Passing By, Jumping In, and Instant Donating:”  During one of our Shop With A Biker Days at Walmart, we met with the parents we were shopping with outside of the entrance to the store in Columbia. Prior to entering the store we gathered in a circle to pray – as we always do.  Amazingly as we prayed, we had several people join our circle of prayer commenting that they needed the prayer time. As we were breaking into teams to shop with the Mom’s, a couple approached Pastor Jim to ask about what was going on. He shared with the couple the premise of the program. They asked if they could donate to what we were doing because they wanted to be a part of this experience just by what they saw that morning outside of the Walmart. The husband immediately opened his wallet and gave Pastor Jim $100 to put toward our shopping!!

“Praying and Accepting on Register #13:”  We work very closely with the Walmart personnel. On the shopping Saturdays  in December, Walmart designates a cash register and a wonderful cashier just for our group to check out with our families we are shopping with.  On one special Saturday while patiently waiting for their carts to be checked out and paid for, one of the parents began talking to Pastor Jim about our church and why we are doing this for them.  During that conversation, that parent accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior right there, right then in the line for Register 13 while all the hustle and bustle was going on around them!! Not only was their Christmas secure, but their heart and soul changed that day for the rest of their eternal life!!

“A+ Approval from School Guidance Counselor:”  The guidance counselor from Howell Elementary recommended some families in need from her school. She loved what Shop With A Biker was doing and how they were doing it.  To our delight and surprise, on one of the Shopping Days with the parents, she  came out just to pray with the families before we shopped. She was moved by what she saw and we were given an A+ Approval!  

“Thanking a Veteran”  Since 2021 we have been able to additionally help veterans and their family in our local community.   We contact and work with the Veteran’s Services Association in Maury County who help us find deserving Vets who needs these program services.  With gratefulness on both sides, that first year we were able to provide Christmas to a homeless veteran and in dire need who was from the 101st Airborne and had 4 children..  As a result of these two programs working together, we now have added veteran’s to our list of families in need to as a part of this annual program!  And in 2024, we are adding a Special Christmas Dinner Event exclusively for single veterans in need.  

We invite you to be a part of these stories and donate to this great program!  Thank you!!

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